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Korean National Week

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

National Weeks are a really big thing at INSEAD. Twice per period or roughly once per month, one nation or a group of nations gets to organize a national week. When there is a national week, the whole campus is decorated with flags and other accessoires, and events from smaller ones like food from the country to bigger ones, typically a dinner and a party, are organized. There is also always a T-Shirt available for sale.

The first national week that I was able to take part in was the Korean week at the beginning of February. The national weeks always kick off with the so-called “Amphistorming”, during which the students from the respective nations storm the classes in the last few minutes, wearing traditional attire and showing a video of what is going to happen during the week. The Koreans had set up a really good program, including a Korean BBQ dinner, a K-Pop party on Friday (which I unfortunately could not attend since I was travelling on the weekend) and many other events such as a karaoke night in the courtyard of the campus or a Taekwondo show.

All in all, the Korean national week was really a great starter for the national weeks to come and set the bar pretty high. My personal opinion on these national weeks is that they provide a really great opportunity to get a deeper insight into the culture and traditions of some of the other students, thus making the most use of the diverse student body that INSEAD has.

A few pictures from the Amphistorming, the K-Week ticket booth in the main hallway, and the karaoke:

(Belated) Chinese New Year

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted. Tells you something about the business of an INSEAD student’s schedule. A lot of stuff has been going on in the past month, and I will try to catch up in the next days by giving a few impressions about some of the things that happened.

Chinese New Year started on 23 January, so we are now already a month into the year of the Dragon. CNY is a really big thing in Singapore, Monday 23 Jan and Tuesday 24 Jan are public holidays, even though most malls already opened again on Tuesday. Monday is also the only holiday on which INSEAD students in the Asia campus get a day off – all other holidays, whether national or religious are ignored due to the high pace and intensity of the program. The actual CNY celebrations went on for about two weeks, and all the streets and shops were decorated. There was even a traditional CNY performance by the pool in the condo I live in… Some impressions from the night 22-23 January in Chinatown (during which it actually poured) and from the performance follow.

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