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Korean National Week

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

National Weeks are a really big thing at INSEAD. Twice per period or roughly once per month, one nation or a group of nations gets to organize a national week. When there is a national week, the whole campus is decorated with flags and other accessoires, and events from smaller ones like food from the country to bigger ones, typically a dinner and a party, are organized. There is also always a T-Shirt available for sale.

The first national week that I was able to take part in was the Korean week at the beginning of February. The national weeks always kick off with the so-called “Amphistorming”, during which the students from the respective nations storm the classes in the last few minutes, wearing traditional attire and showing a video of what is going to happen during the week. The Koreans had set up a really good program, including a Korean BBQ dinner, a K-Pop party on Friday (which I unfortunately could not attend since I was travelling on the weekend) and many other events such as a karaoke night in the courtyard of the campus or a Taekwondo show.

All in all, the Korean national week was really a great starter for the national weeks to come and set the bar pretty high. My personal opinion on these national weeks is that they provide a really great opportunity to get a deeper insight into the culture and traditions of some of the other students, thus making the most use of the diverse student body that INSEAD has.

A few pictures from the Amphistorming, the K-Week ticket booth in the main hallway, and the karaoke:

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