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MacRitchie Reservoir and TreeTop Walk

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

In the midst of the urban metropolis of Singapore lie areas that still contain jungle-like forests. This Sunday allowed for some time to visit one of them, the MacRitchie reservoir. The MacRitchie reservoir is Singapore’s oldest reservoir and thus one of the sources of Singapore’s fresh water. The forests have well-marked trails which are easily accessible by car or public transport: The forest literally starts directly behind some residental areas.

Walking through the forests is really beautiful and peaceful: The temperature and climate is a bit less exhausting in the cool shade of the trees than in the concrete jungle, and you can hear all kinds of forest animals such as birds and loudly chirping insects. The forest also houses wild monkeys, which are quite tame and were sitting, jumping and climbing through the trees by the trail, and also squirrels that were jumping through the trees. In addition, there were many butterflies and huge ants (3-4 cm in length!).

The MacRitchie reservoir area also contains the HSBC TreeTop Walk, which is a 250 meter long suspension bridge for pedestrians. It stretches over a valey full of forest, and at eye level with the tree tops you can see the reservoir lake and the forest in all directions, but also in the distance some highrises or factory chimneys.

Altogether, it is amazing how this modern, thriving city has managed to treasure and preserve these areas of nature, which make you feel as though you were in an altogether different place. A visit is definitely a recommendation for any Singapore tourist!

Some pictures follow.

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