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Round-the-World Honeymoon Pt. 10: Lima (25-27 June)

Monday, August 24th, 2015

From Cuzco, we flew to Lima, where we mostly did one thing: Eat! The Peruvian cuisine is excellent, and there is no shortage of amazing restaurants in Lima. Most of them are not in downtown Lima, but rather in and around Miraflores, which is where we stayed. Here are just a few of the places we went to:

Maido: Maido specializes in Peruvian / Nikkei fusion, which means essentially that you can get fish in various forms from ceviche via sushi to fried fish on “sanguchito” (literally, small sandwich). Everything we had was amazing.

Amaz: Amaz serves food that is inspired by fare from the Amazon. The flavors are fruity / tropical, and  we had delicacies like ceviche cooked in bamboo, fish with chorizo and snake fruit, and palm heart salad. For desert we had the “chocolate jungle”, which was served in a cocoa bean shell (?) and indeed looked like a little jungle. Delicious!

Chez Wong: A unique place, owner/chef Javier Wong Chong (Peruvian with Chinese roots) originally started this restaurant in his garage, and it looks like it still IS in his garage. He only makes ceviche from soles, and there is no menu, he just makes whatever he likes that day. He also stands behind a little counter in the corner of the room where all the guests sit (on maybe 10 tables). The ceviche has been called the best in the world, and it definitely is mouth-wateringly good.

Other than eating, we did not do much. We explored downtown one day, and watched the changing of the guards at the presidential palace, but other than that there wasn’t really that much to see.

Lima was the last stop on the South American continent, our next stop was almost half way around the world, in Tokyo.

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